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This is the first time we have blogged!  We want to try to create a place where children can continue their learning at home, and parents can find out more about what we’re doing in school.  We look forward to your comments.


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Design Technology

In DT we will be making a car with moving wheels to travel down different surfaces. Have a look at the pictures can you identify which team you are in?

  Team Ferrari                                                                                      


Team Bugatti


Team Lamborghini                                                         


Team Maserati                                            


Look carefully at the design features you may be able to use them on your own vehicle!!

Mrs N

Happy designing!

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Roald Dahl Websites

Hello to Class 3!

Mrs Thornes had a quiet word with me and asked if I knew of any Roald Dahl Websites.

I know that you have had an amazing time learning about his stories!

So, because I like to help out, you will find some really good links to Roald Dahl websites on the right hand side of the page!

Hope you enjoy them!

I wonder what your favourite Roald Dahl story is?

Mine is The BFG – I love the way that he speaks, muddling all his words up! (It reminds me of me!)

Let us know your favourite in a comment!

Mr Watson

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Use these symbols to help you ‘read’ the dreamings drawn by the Aborigines. Can you draw some of your own?

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Speed up your typing skills!

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This game is called Escapa.  Have a go and see how long you can avoid the blue blocks!.  What’s your best score?


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This term Class 3 are looking at Aboriginal Art.  If you check the links at the side of the page, you will find some examples.

Here is some more Aboriginal artwork.  Can you read the stories by interpreting the symbols?  Leave us a comment on what you find out!

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